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    I used to eat an occasional Klondike bar (one every month or so). This year my wife is seriously ill and I am her primary care giver. Hospice nurse stops in twice a week to check on her.
    I am pretty much confined to our property and never go anywhere in the house or on the property without my phone in case I’m needed.
    My wife lost her appetite so to get her to eat I started making her whatever she wanted. Junk food is better than no food. Every night before I would go to bed I would offer her a Klondike bar. I would have one with her. I told her in a perfect world these would be health food.
    That ended when I had my heart attack a month ago. She hasn’t wanted one either. I guess she doesn’t want to have a heart attack on top of her terminal cancer. I actually gained some weight when I was eating junk, I got up over 180#. I was down to 170 last year with all my riding and healthy eating. That was too thin for someone who is 6’5”, it did make me a good climber.
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    First let me say God Bless for your dedication and commitment to her care. Not many people have this anymore. My wife is a NP for our counties Hospice and prior she was an Oncology NP for a major cancer center. She has seen both sides of what you are seeing and I can only imagine how it is affecting you.

    I too use to eat an occasional Klondike but 2.5 months ago on my weight loss journey (207 down to 186) I had to do away with those heavenly bars. I do eat however an occasional Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. Slightly less bad stuff and just as tasty almost.

    I pray for your wife John and you as well.
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    So...it pains me to say this. America is fat and there is a reason for it. I'm posting this here because it leads into what I want to say.

    My parents came out for a week of vacation to meet their newest granddaughter and I was super excited. We just don't get to see them often as my mom is now 85 and my dad is 81 so they have slowed down quite a bit and they live W A Y over there in Texas :D

    I'm getting there :D My dad retired somewhat early and he's one of those that retired and sat down in that "retirement rocking chair" and never really got back up. I tell you this because both he and my Uncle, who just passed this summer, were EXCELLENT baseball players and so much so that my Uncle had a chance to play for the Detroit Tigers but duty called and he had to serve in Viet Nam serving a higher calling. My dad probably could have played at the professional level as well, MAYBE but got married and well...had me :D So not a bad deal for me!

    So here we are current day on this trip. My dad is forever "going on a diet" and watching him this trip, it REALLY occurred to me that it's not a diet he needs! He indeed needs to loose 50 lbs for sure but what HE NEEDS and PROBABLY TONS of other people that are fat and obese, which he is not thankfully...yet anyway :) is a CHANGE IN EATING HABITS!!!! This man eats NON STOP, he goes from one think to the next. I sat and watched him wipe of 3/4 of a tub of Kettle corn BEFORE we ate dinner for which my wife made HUGE Ribeye steak, baked potatoes, also HUGE, green beans and homemade apple sauce which was THE BEST I'VE ever had, my wife done did good :D My father cleaned his plate after that and STILL had ice cream for desert...I split one steak and baked potato with my spousal unit and it was all I could do eat that.

    It's just crazy to me that people can't see what they are doing to themselves. I guess in a way it's like an addiction of sorts. It's awkward to say something but I have and I always get the " I know, I know". It's just sad to see especially in the family when you know what they had in their past and you know what they could be.

    CHANGE THOSE EATING HABITS....you won't need a diet :D

    I like my beverages as well my snacks BUT both are well maintained and controlled :D
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    to the surprise of those closest to me, i don’t eat red meat.
    living mostly on fish and veggies

    i confess to at minimum 2 milkshakes a week!!! that and chocolate
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    Call me crazy, but Milk Duds slay me. Used to. I cut out refined sugar a few years ago, except for whatever’s in an energy bar on a bike ride.
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    Love them things...well other than their ability to pull teeth out of your jawbones :D
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    Never gnawed on them. Always let them kinda melt in my mouth with a little tongue stir now and then. Only ever had them at the movies, remember those things?, and would just barely finish the box in two hours.
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    Yup, guess for me it was like lollipops and how many licks to get to the center 1,2,3 and that was usually about it to find the center :D
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    Pizza, fried chicken, ice cream lol
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    Those are junk food? :eek:
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    ^Must have bumped his head in a cycling mishap.