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Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by Doohickie, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Doohickie

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    Okay, so a friend ended up with some "extra" parts that he offered to me. He said he would never use them and had already made more than he expected on the bike they came from, so they were mine for the asking. I got them, and it looks like some nice stuff, but frankly most of my experience is with vintage equipment that is not particularly high end.

    So... what do I have and what should I do with this stuff?

    . 700c, 32 spoke Velocity rims, front and rear
    ... rear is laced to an 8spd XT hub
    ... front is laced to a 32 hole SON dynohub
    . Shimano XTR rear derailleur

    I can probably get some pictures of the stuff in a day or two (feelin' lazy right now)
  2. BlazingPedals

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    Wheelset would be good for a commuter, if you got a light to go with the generator hub. I have an XT hub-based set of wheels. They're heavy but reliable. XTR derailleur: Might be low-normal, meaning your shifter would work backwards.

  3. Doohickie

    Doohickie Older than Hack

    That's kind of where I'm at right now. I found what kind of lights go with this kind of dynohub. I might try to get some of those lights before next fall so I don't have to worry about charging a headlight. I could either use the wheel as my "winter wheel" on my hybrid (and maybe get a shifter to drive the rear cassette), or maybe build up a dedicated "winter bike".

    I have an old (ca 1990) Nishiki Sport road bike frame that would make a decent hybrid I think. It needs repainting and I've started on that. If the wheels fit (and I think they will) I think I'll use them on it and make it my winter bike. I wonder if I could find some hi-viz/reflective spray paint......?
  4. AceOfSpades

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    Lucky Guy! I had some friends offer me broken wheels, (OP with Ultegra hubs). I didn't think they were wrth the taking but now that I know better, those hubs would have been sweet to have for buiding up another set of wheels.

    What comes around goes around, I hope! I've given away stems, racks, wheels, etc.
  5. Jake_The_Snake

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    Like this?

    Cool stuff... think I might try this on a helmet!