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Publisher: Joshcorp
Cost: $1.29
Platform: Windows Phone

Great interface, very easy to use, customizable colors/workouts/warmup/work/rest/cool down settings, specific workouts that can be pinned to your Windows Phone home screen, unique display, two timing readouts to follow, very low cost for what you get, customizable alert sounds, extremely responsive developer

Display for sets completed and sets remaining is very small. It would be great to have the readout bigger so you can be further away from the phone and still be able to read how many sets you've got left.

When I decided to make the leap out of the Apple garden and my iPhone 4S and into the Windows Phone Mango orchard (WHAT?? WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYONE EVER WANT SOMETHING OTHER THAN AN IPHONE??? GOOD GOD MAN???), I was concerned that a lot of the apps I used wouldn't be in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

One of the bigger necessities was "Swing Timer Pro" that I was using for just about every weekly appointment that I do. It was something that was very tough to give up, but I decided to take the leap anyway.

"Swing Timer Pro" for the iPhone
I tried several other interval timer apps, but none of them measured up. Until I discovered the XTREME Tabata app. It has a fresh interface that is very unlike all the alarm clock style interval app you typically see. It fits the Windows Phone Metro UI very well, and is very visually appealing.

Let's be honest, if you've got to gut out a high intensity interval workout, you may as well have something nice to look at.

Above the obvious UI differences between XTREME Tabata and Swing Timer, the former allows to customize the colors on the "work" and "rest" screens (think creating custom color in PhotoShop). This isn't something that makes the app perform better, its just a cool feature to be able to individualize the app experience that much more.

It is a very good app with a really rich feature set that allows you to:

  • Create customizable workouts with work, rest, sets, warmup and cooldown settings
  • Customize the colors you want the screens to be
  • Pin those workouts to your home screen for quick access (one of the cooler WP features)
  • To do all of the above in a very easy way with the Metro interface

The other cool thing is not only do you get the individualized countdown work period rest period timer screens, you also get a running bar across the top indicating the total time the workout has accumulated. This is something I haven't seen in the other interval timer apps I've tried regardless of the platform.

Its nice to be able to program an interval X minutes long with work periods of X and rest periods of X. Goal oriented data junkie clients very much like this feature of the phone.

While this app is an extremely strong performer, there is something I'd change about the display. I'd make the sets completed out of total number of sets in the upper right hand corner a lot bigger. The circle pulses around the two numbers which is nice to look at, but I'd rather not have the pulsing to save real estate for a bigger readout.

It is something I definitely prefer in the Swing Timer Pro app. However, that's a small nitpick I wouldn't have if I hadn't used the iOS app first so by no means is it a deal breaker of any kind.

The Windows Phone website says that "XTREME Tabata is the only interval timer app that you need. Having used it for three weeks, I've got to agree. If you've taken the leap of faith into the Windows Phone platform, and need an interval timer app, I'd definitely recommend that you download this app.

I was also lucky enough to get an interview with the creators of the app from JoshCorp.

How long have you been developing apps?

About 2 years, I have been developing android apps, simple games. I also work full time as a professional developer for about 5 years now.

Why the WP platform?

Exciting new platform that offers a lot of potential. Ease of development with simple intuitive interface.

Is this app on other platforms?

No, not at the moment.

Why a fitness app?

My personal trainer introduced me to the TABATA protocol, saw his app on the iPhone, and thus started creating XTREME tabata, firstly, for my own personal use when doing TABATA interval training, and secondly, to test out the time it takes develop a windows phone app with this simple application, as I have plans for other apps on this platform.

What do you feel is the best part of the app?

Simplicity of use and an easy to read interface. For example, being able to pin informative customizable timer tiles to the home screen is so unique to this platform that makes it one of the best platform for this app, in terms of user experience, without me having to do much.

What are the best applications to use it?

As stated above, I have created it initially for my personal TABATA training, which explains the name of the app, but it can definitely be used for any kinds of interval workout with its easily customizable settings. Just set it up once, pin it, and a click of a button to execute the app, indoors or outdoors, or even on a bike with its ability to run under locked screen.

What other apps have you created?

None at this moment.

What's the next app?

A couple of work in progress simple intuitive apps with the XTREME branding, one fitness related app that tracks any workouts, run speed etc, and another general app mainly for use when driving, eg. Directions and speed information etc... I also have a more complicated game app in mind, which might target the windows phone 8 instead, but nothing is for certain yet.


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I've done Tabata at work and it's definately an ass kicker of a workout.
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