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Flat Tire Solution

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Do you guys carry glueless patches, glueable patches or a spare tube with you when you ride? Or do you trust the mountain bike angels? Also, do you have any wisdom to offer regarding your choice?
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I carry an extra tube and glueless patches. In my experience with glueless patches, they work very well, you don't have to let them dry and they seem to stretch out with the tube better than patches requiring glue. I've thrown away a tube after placing 8-9 patches over the life of the tube.
Why do I carry both? Replacing with a spare tube doesn't take nearly as long as patching a hole an then replacing that tube. You can repair your damaged tube when you get back home.

That being said, I now ride with slime in my tubes as well, cause where I ride, even on pavement we have a lot of goatheads (thorns) and its not if, but when you get a puncture.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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