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Hey people,
I've been looking to get into flatland for awhile now. My problem is that I have limited knowledge on who makes flatland bikes and where to get them. In the last 2 weeks, I've been to 8 different bike shops asking for a flatland bike and every sigle time I get the same dumbfounded look like I was asking about astrophysics.

My latest shop that I went to ticked me off so bad that I wanted to tell the guys off. I found that DK makes an entry level flatland bike called the Opsis. So, I did a search on dealers and found this place 15 mins from my house called action village. I went there today to ask about it and if they had any other flatland bikes. Once again, of the 3 associates working in the shop, none of them knew what a flatland bike was or if they sold such a bike. I was blown away that a "BMX" shop had idiots of this caliber working there. I left the place happy that I didn't give them the 1k I had in my pocket.

Anyways, can anyone help me with specific manufacturers and models I could look into?
I'm looking for something with a detangler, 14mm axles, 4 gnarled pegs, freecoaster, short crank pedals(160mm or less), wheels/tires that can handle at least 100lbs of air pressure, cromoly frame forks crank and bars.
I didn't think finding one would be such a hassle. So here I am, hoping someone knows what the heck I'm talkin about.
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