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I'm selling my PowerCranks for $899 OBO (that is the same price as the basic model through the website). The PowerCranks I'm selling come with the following:

  • X-Lite Version (much lighter than the regular version).

  • Adjustable Crank Arm Length (simply change from 172.5 to 175 to 177.5)
    Lock-In (allows you to lock up the PowerCranks into regular mode)

  • X-Lite Version (much lighter than the regular version).

I'm selling my PowerCranks because I'm fully adapted to riding them and I tried to ride regular cranks again and feel no difference anymore. That's right, my legs fully adapted to taking advantage of the entire 360degrees of force application.

Since riding PowerCranks I noticed the following improvement: increase of about 10% in my sprint power output and I also improved my run (I used to race triathlons) as a result of riding PowerCranks. I've ridden those for 100mile rides with 12,000 feet of climbing, now, that was impressive for me because initially I only lasted 30sec on those cranks before I needed a rest. That's right, after 30sec I had to rest both legs at the 6 o'clock position. But now that I'm adapted to taking full advantage of the 360 degrees of pedal force application I'm selling those. In the process of using PowerCranks, I also found the best crank lenght setting for me. That's another advantage of the adjustable crank lenght model.

for more information, visit: PowerCranks - for cycling, running, and rehab success

I'm asking $899 OBO for those. I can ship with UPS. Remember, those aren't the regular version but the x-lite with lock in and adjustable crank lenght. If you have any questions, please ask.

you can contact me at [email protected]


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