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Powertap SL

  • Powertap SL (wired)
  • To ensure that the cables all work perfectly I bought and will include a new wiring unit (shark fin).
  • Includes custom cut disc covers for this wheel (cut specifically for this wheel by Rich at
  • Velocity Deep V with 28spokes, makes for a great training wheel.
  • Wheel is not the lightest but I've used it with the disc cover for racing and it works very well. Placed fastest time on Santiago Canyon TT on this wheel with these disc covers.
  • Comes with all computer cables
  • Will replace all batteries with new ones prior to shipping.
  • Tire and casette not included.
  • Can be upgraded to wireless
  • $699 OBO
  • SL unit is water proof but this wheel has only been ridden twice in rain, thanks to the mild SoCal climate we have here.
  • Reason for selling: I no longer train or race with a power meter. At this time I enjoy training and racing "naked" without any computer at all.

$699 (includes shipping to CONUS) and it's yours. I paid $1200 for the powertap and over $100 for the disc covers. I just bought and received a new wiring unit ($69) so all the cables are brand new.

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