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    I have never understood fitting and sizes in the bike industry. I have a chance to buy a really nice frame for next to nothing but I'm not sure the frame will fit me. I'm 6' with a 31-32 inseam. The frame is 23 1/2".
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    I don't know how you could tell with just a number. I have a Cannondale quick 6 that has a 17" frame that is marked large. I am getting a Fuji with a 19: frame that is marked medium but th Fuji has a shorter top tube at 19 then the Cannondale has at 17. What I am trying to ay is how can you tell if you don't sit on the bike. I will say that I feel stretched out on the Cannondale , but the Fuji feels like it is not stretching me out.:confused:

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    Here we go again.

    The two measurements you need to concern yourself with are stand-over, and top tube length. Seat heights are adjustable, but you don't want a foot of post sticking out. Nor do you want the seat resting on the top tube. You also need to be able to swing a leg over the frame without smacking your sensitive bits.

    While I personally find that the stand-over can be a deal breaker for me, some people insist that top tube length is more important. Too short, and you're cramped. Too long, and you're over-extended. Yes, you can get a longer or shorter stem, but that affects handling.

    Unless you have plenty of experience with sizing, you wont be able to look at specs and determine if a bike is a good fit for you. If you really want some opinions from internet people, take a photo of yourself straddling the bike, and one of you holding the bars, then post them online. If you're an attractive and fit woman, please do so in a bikini. ;)
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    100% yes to this man's opinion on frames and women.
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    Hack has it NAILED!

    Since I'm so long-legged, I don't sweat standover. But effective top tube is THE measurement for me.

    The cycling inseam measurement (crotch to floor) for me is around 96 cm; I pretty much nail the measurement from pedal to saddle at a meter even. Top tube, for me, is acceptable at 61-62.5 cm. I also like my handlebar about 2-2.5 cm below the saddle height.
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    Keeping things simple, there is little to no chance that a 23.5" mountain bike frame will fit you.

    I am a shade over six feet with a 32" inseam and every one of my mountain bikes have been 19.5" or less.
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    I know that in another thread, someone gave me all sorts of hell over head tube height, or length. But the fact is that if you're on the internet asking for fit advice, you're probably not too concerned about how much drop you have from saddle to bars.

    That's one reason I think that the adjustable stem is such a great piece of gear. You can start with it up high, and as you get more limber and comfortable in an aero position, continue to adjust it down. Once you find your sweet spot, get a fixed stem in the appropriate size/length.