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Slowin it up.
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Do what you love, love what you do.

I yell so everyone can hear me, I also demand a grunt or any sort of recognition that you have heard my order. The majority of "management" in kitchens boils down to timing, and that's what makes me good, I have an excellent sense of time. I think the largest obstacle is going to be breaking my kitchen. Not a lot of cooks, a lot of kids that could be if they wanted to though.

Our dry run went great, a couple of major issues, nothing that can't be worked out, I got our first food purveyor bill, I'm going to have to have a talk with some people, but other wise, it's good to be working. Grand Opening is next Friday. We have burned through $2,000 in food thus far, trying to get everything right, a couple of mess up with ordering (one my fault, one not) and I have a 50 lbs bag of onions I wont go through fast enough. I'm calling the food bank later and seeing if they want them. It's usually a hassle, which is a shame because most restaurants have waste we can give out, but we don't cause we will get sued or food banks are to difficult to work with.

My brain is still tired from the weekend.

This is going to be a blast. The commute still sucks for now, but time will work that out.
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