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My rides so far were never much longer than 25 mile loops around the neighborhood. Also, I wanted to see how my newly restored Fuji Supreme (80s 12 speed) will do as a touring bike. So, I rode from Edison NJ to Easton PA, which amounted to about 63 miles. I had my ride back lined up by car. The route is at
Edison NJ to Easton PA 63 miles - A ride mapped on 08/13/2011 in Edison, NJ | Bike Map | MapMyRIDE

I felt that I lacked the low gears needed for touring on this bike. I had to walk the bike for 1/4 mile or so on Ruppels Road in Bethlehem, NJ.

I had replaced the drop bars on the bike with MTB bars and controls from a Raleigh MTB. The pannier is a backpack conversion. It help up as expected. The handlebar bag is a regular fanny pack. I still have to find a bar bag I like.

Attached is a picture en route.


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