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    Hey everyone!

    I ride both road and mtn, on a trek 1000 and a trek 6700 respectively. I do not compete, I just enjoy riding. Being on a road bike makes me feel like a kid again. It is great!

    I got some training from a coach when I lived in Asheville, which really taught me a lot. I was riding daily at that point.

    I moved to north Georgia. I got engaged, bought a house to renovate, got married, worked a lot. I spent more time on my motorcycle then on my bike. So I fixed that by selling the first house and buying another house to renovate. That didn't work, so I thought I would have a kid.

    Now with a one year old, I am finally working on getting back out on the bike more than a few times a year.

    I am looking to commute a hilly 15 miles to and from work at least a few days a week (for mental peace and solitude, not gas savings).

    Other than that, I am a hardcore tinkerer, I always have a few projects in process. I brew beer, have a garden, I love to cook. I am working on building a brick pizza oven and a smoker (off the patio that I am building in the back yard).
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    Welcome to the forum mike, its really nice to have you around. As you can tell we are new but if you like us please it would be very helpful if you helped spread the word some.

    Thanks for anything you can do and welcome.