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Well I have the Fugi Newest 3.0 that I am getting set up for some touring for some photos. Photo gear is both bulky and heavy, and I am a fairly big guy.

Its an aluminum frame with a carbon fork. It came with the mounts for a rack on the back. I have that mounted and the panniers in place. The question is on the carbon fork. I am possibly going to need more space and that means either a backpack, front panniers or a trailer.

At times the trailer might be the way to go, but I have seen front panniers mounted and it would definitely have advantages. I could go with a small back pack for short rides in temps that don't bake anything outside for more than 30 minutes.

Front panniers might be the best choice most of the time IF there are racks that are designed for carbon forks, that doesn't cost a fortune. Even if it were just a spot to tie a tool bag to, or a few light weight items it would be ahelp leaving the space in the back for other things.
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