Garmin Varia RTL 515

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    20210106_155934.jpg Well let me say after the first ride I am sold! Worked like a charm. But to the hatred!

    Why in the world would Garmin not design this expensive radar/taillight to have a safety tether? Seriously Garmin! Are engineers that lacking? I can say being a former mechanical engineer major!

    So what do you do as a consumer? You overcome and adapt an Garmin tether on hand just in case that crazy stupid rubber o-ring fails!
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    One of my friends used to ride with one. I thought it was pretty cool that it could be "shared" during a ride. I'm glad I was able to do that and see how it looked on the screen and how it worked before purchasing.
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  3. John_V

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    I didn’t have ample room on my seat post for my radar so I made a DIY mount for my saddlebag. It’s been on there for over a year and has survived a few crashes without coming off.

    I have the RTL 510 and will no longer ride on a public road without it.
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