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Discussion in 'TwoSpoke Announcements & Comments' started by Xela, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Xela

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    Seems like this site is a lot like my bike mileage. As the weather's getting nicer, my mileage is quickly going up-up-up. So too, with the postings and new members here.

    Even with less than 12 hours away from the site, there are numerous new postings to read and catch up on by the time I get back. It's great to see TwoSpoke continuing to grow. It's also great seeing how well, in general, we all get along here at our little family.

    I have been incredibly busy at work the past few weeks and have been neglecting TwoSpoke, so I'd just like to say a general "Welcome!" to all the new members I haven't personally said that to yet.
  2. funetical

    funetical Slowin it up.

    From another long termer welcome new guys! Good call Xela.

  3. Industry_Hack

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    I look forward to fixing data for clients, and conference calls, as that's the only time I get to check Twospoke at work. And I'm thankful for still being hourly, as I racked up over ten hours of overtime recently.