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Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by Xela, Nov 2, 2010.

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    I had a pair of Giordana's top of the line FormaRed bibs. After a little over a year, I noticed that the fabric was getting thin in the front upper quad area (an area that I definitely would not expect to be wearing out on such an expensive pair of bibs so soon).

    I called Competitive Cyclist where I bought the bibs and told them what was happening. The bibs were about 4 months out of warranty at the time, but they said Gita (Giordana's US distributor) is usually pretty good about stuff like that so to send them back anyway. They weren't "pretty good" about it, they were great. No questions asked they credited Competitive Cyclist's account who then sent me a gift card for the price I paid for the bibs.

    I just wanted to say based on my experience that if you are thinking of investing in some Giordana products, feel confident that if you do have any issues with them, they will take care of you.

    Also, let me clarify that Competitive said they have lots of folks in those bibs and haven't seen this issue before. So, don't take this posting as a detraction if you are considering those bibs.
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    That is good to hear. I bought my first pair in December and they are a nice kit.

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    Necromuter's at it again.
    Actually I have a related question. The new 'budget' bike shorts have way too much pad for me. I could get by with something like just fleece for a pad. Who makes bike shorts that won't make me need to lower my saddle for all the padding? Anybody? I'd like to stay somewhat in a reasonable budget, but some things I'm willing to pay for, my butt is one.
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    Louis Garneau has chamois-less shorts. Basically, what is in there is very thin "padding".. not really even padding, but, more like "if one has a blow out back there, it won't be embarrassing". I bought mine at Performance bikes in Columbus. I actually like these best of all my shorts and bibs
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    Dakine makes mtb shorts that just have a fleece type lining and no actual padded chamois. I have a pair of them and love them. Sometimes on long rides I wear a standard road chamois under them.
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    I wear standard biking shorts under some pearl izumi baggie shorts that I cut the lame mesh stuff out of. They have handy zippered pockets for easy access without removing camelback for certain items like putting wrappers in after fueling during a ride.
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    I've been riding FormaRed about twice a week since '12. That vintage was a great short and they still look great. A friend bought them on my rec in 2014 and that iteration wasn't as well made and some reviewers commented on the differences. Sounds like yours was newer; glad they took care of you.