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I have mentioned this shop a few times in my talking on here. Boone Bike and Touring is one hell of a shop. I searched hard and heavy when I bought my bike, around home In Tri Cities area of eastern TN. Each shop was a waste of my time due to the way they treated me. I am a big big dude. I weighed over 300 when I went looking and each person looked past me as a person who would be buying a bike. They also talked down to me. I had done the research and had the cash to buy. I was just trying to find which was best for me. Finally I gave up on the shops in my area and started searching the surrounding area. That is when I found Boone Bike and Touring, 60 miles and 1.5 hours from my house.

My wife and I drove down there on a weekend. My wife was fully aware of the issues I had dealt with at the local shops. We arrived as a huge group of skinny riders with fancy bikes and clipless shoes and pedals and spandex you get the picture. They were preparing for a ride. My wife looked at me and actually said. "Well it looks like we wasted our time coming down here." She decided to wait in the car thinking I would be out in a few minutes pissed off. Man were we surprised.

I walked in to a very busy bike shop. last minute adjustments were being made by the mechanics. People getting their gear taken care of and a line of people buying last minute stuff for the ride, at the register. I didn't even have time to fully take in the chaos before Sarah stepped up to me and asked how she could help me. She listened as I explained what I was looking for and the price range I was looking in. She took me over to a group of bikes that fit my criteria. As I said I had done a lot of research, I knew the level of components on the bikes in my price range. She showed me a few bikes even below my range and explained what the frame was capable of in terms of upgrading components down the road.

I decided on a frame and it fit. She then advised the bike they had built was out of my price range but I could take it for a ride while they built one in my price range and I could take it for a ride. So I headed out surprising my wife who was in the parking lot having watched the group of riders leave. I rode the bike up the road and around a loop mentioned by Sarah. I returned and mentioned the front shock was real soft, not knowing if that was because I was not used to a suspension or if it wasn't adjusted right. They they had built the lower level bike for me to try and said they would sort out the front shock. I headed back out on it. Ride was identical I liked it even with the soft shock. I returned and they had called Cannondale to see what they could do and found that they could put a lot more air in the shock to support me and my weight. So they fine tuned it all the way around and I went back out. I returned and decided I was going to buy the lower level bike. By this time my wife had come in and we discussed it and then decided to buy the upgraded component bike. Going from a $600 bike to a $1200 bike. They then set it up for me and got it ready to go out the door.

I had a great bike. Now for the follow up. I wrecked it and needed parts, they handled it with the same treatment that I was given when I first bought the bike. I have been through many times for work and stop in each time and bug them about tires and other parts, of which I have never bought. They still treat me great. The last time I was through I had a complaint about my bike and explained the issue. I was given a few possibilities to try. Tonight I finally found the time to try the fixes I was given. The first one worked great.

They remember me when I come in. I have met Sarah 3 times over 3 years, she knows my name. I would advise anyone within 200 miles to go there if they want a bike. They have earned a customer in me as long as I am playing with bicycles.
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