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Howdy! I thought some of you might be interested to hear about my plans to unicycle the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route this summer. Some of you may be familiar with Gracie Sorbello and Matt Burney who did this back in 2009. The route is 2,745 miles long, running from Canada to Mexico, and is mostly off-pavement. I'm using the attention drawn by my 'missing wheel' to raise awareness of human trafficking and to fundraise for Polaris Project, a well respected organization fighting to end modern day slavery. I'm also trying to turn as many kids (and adults) onto what can be such a rewarding activity!

I hope that you will join me in what is sure to be quite an adventure. I'm posting about the trip at my website and would welcome company here and there on the trail if you're in the area! And of course, I'm looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts on my crazy plan. :)

Happy Trails!
Gen Shimizu
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