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    Hi there, I'm an American, living in Europe for the last 9 years. Currently in Denmark, I'm enjoying the people, the culture, and the wonderful cycle infrastructure the Danes have created through-out the country.

    At the moment I switch between an Anthrotech recumbent trike and a Taiwan-import recumbent called an OTrike (same as the GForce XT-S, Trike-X and T1X from other vendors). The Anthrotech has a modified Leitra velomobile fairing for the rainy weather and the rare winter snow.

    At this point I stay fairly close to home with my cycle touring, 15-20 km per day to-and-from the workplace (including shopping and errands), with around 100km on weekends to explore the countryside. I occasionally do 2-day camping rides of 200km.

    For my long distance touring, I do an annual Copenhagen-to-Munich run (around 1,200km) to attend the nearby SPEZI special-bikes show in Germersheim. I plan to add a few more long tours per year, as time permits.

    After 35 years at the computer, I've gotten a bit tired of it. So the current mid-life crisis is to start a touring company with recumbent trikes and velomobiles - the later being perfect for all-year-round touring. I have one trike so far (the Otrike), and hope to acquire two more in the coming weeks to launch my first paid tour - a couple who want to ride 100km along the coast of eastern Denmark to a Bed-n-breakfast on the island of Møn.

    I am a 'behind-the-scenes' moderator at The Recumbent Trike Rider forum, and a constant lurker at various other cycle-related forums and websites. I hope to enjoy some lively discussions and the sharing of tips, tricks, and tours among other members here!
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    Welcome to TS from COS!!