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Handlebar set up

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I've got a question that I'm hoping someone may be able to either steer me in the right direction or have an idea I never thought of or overlooked. Sorry if I got this in the wrong area, but seemed to be the best fit. I've got a Scott SUB 20 and I am wanting to change the handlebar setup. This attached picture shows what the current handlebar setup is like, other than the steer tube in this picture is longer than mine and my seat is set higher. My seat position is comfortable for me being 6'1". I don't have any pictures of my bike on my work computer, that needs to be fixed! My current stem is 7 degree/110mm and has a 31.8 bar bore clamp. I'm looking to get more relaxed position, a little more in the up position but not completley straight up like a hybrid/comfort bike though. I'm not looking for speed (yeah ironic considering SUB stands for Speed Utility Bike) as much as I'm looking for comfort. My commute to work is only 2.5 miles but I like going out for longer rides. The only thing I don't like about my bike is the downward position and only one hand position the straight bar currently offers. I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist so that one position after awhile tends to be sore. I was thinking of going with a 35 deg staying with the 110mm length and change to a bar refered to either as a trekking or butterfly handlebar. I checked with one of the LBS here and he suggested the same as far as the stem but just add long handlebar extensions my current bar to get an additional hand position. I'm not really looking to change out the brake levers and shifters so I can see where this would be the faster/cheaper way of changing the setup but is there another handlebar that would be a better fit than the trekking/butterfly bar, would a different stem degree and length that would feel or work better? I know there really is no "magical" bar set up and everyones feel is different, just wanting to explore other options that others have found that work, maybe use a couple different setups to find MY magical setup.

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Flat bars are about the most uncomfortable bars you can use, especially if you have wrist issues. Check out a riser bar or even better, something like the Mary bar which is swept back and offers a much more natural hand position. (see below) You could also try different grips like Ergons for instance.
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Thanks for the info hophead, those do look comfortable. I looked around online and saw these on the On One website. But I also found some Dimension brand riser swept back bars and they have different deg sweeps to choose from where On One didn't mention anything about that with the Marys'. I looked at your bikes' on your profile and saw you have these on your Surly 1X1, do you know what the degree of sweep is on the ones you've got?
I've also got Mary's on my On One Inbred. It has made a huge difference in my ability to clear rocky technical sections of trail--Some that I was not able to with a traditional riser bar. They are also much more comfortable. I believe that the Mary's are a 40 degree sweep.

The Mary bar has become increasingly difficult to find. I heard last year that On One no longer has US distribution. Webcyclery still carries them. There are also some cheaper knock offs that probably work just as well.

The Mary bar has become increasingly difficult to find. I heard last year that On One no longer has US distribution. Webcyclery still carries them. There are also some cheaper knock offs that probably work just as well.
That's what I came across looking online. There is a site based in the UK, On-One Bicycles Just have to go onto Google and convert to $ to know what you're spending. I believe the Deminsion is a cheaper knock off of the On One. Did the conversion thing for the Mary and they are $38.40 where the Deminsion cheapest prices are $11.85 from Amazon for the24 deg and up to $14.99 for 50 deg from Excluding any shipping prices of course. I'll have to check out Webcyclery.
Moustache bars are very popular in Denmark. Lots of city riders get a road bike and then change the bars to moustache style. The cuve allows the use of regular road style shifters/brake levers... which is nice although not an issue for your bike.
Google "moustache bars" pictures and you'll see what I mean!
This should be your next purchase:

I know that Zoom makes one that's under $30 retail, and they pop up on eBay once in a while too. You can try different angles until you find on you like, then leave it there, or get a fixed stem with the same length/rise. Of course, if you keep it, you can also drop it down any time for a more aggressive riding position.
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Thanks for the input chh55 and Hack, helps out for sure. I dug out a cheap set of bar ends I got while in Korea and put them on the other night. For the most part helps with another position and feels decent. I can tell I will need to get an adjustable stem like you mentioned Hack. Think I will get the stem first and see if that with the bar ends is what feels good, if so I'll upgrade the ends. If not, then I'll change the bar all together and looking like either the On One Mary or the moustache style. I don't want to go overboard and buy stuff I don't need or end up not liking after a few months but want to go at it in steps and find the right combination. Plus right now, trying to convince my financial advisor A.K.A. my wife that I need/want these things is kind of difficult at the moment. We're buying a new house right now, so yeah you can finish the rest of that sentence! LOL But will be so worth it in the end.
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