Handlebars Bags for Bike Touring, Bikepacking and Expedition Bike Touring?

Discussion in 'Expedition & Touring' started by RollingNoMad, Dec 17, 2020.

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    Handlebars Bags for Bike Touring, Bikepacking and Expedition Bike Touring?

    I have the Arkel LG handlebar bag since 2013 on my Surly LHT Touring Bike
    and my the arkel large handlebar bag bounces around on bumpy roads and bumpy dirt roads
    in San Diego, California. and so i decided to go with the bikepacking handlebar harness setup and well feedback will be helpful too and I'm changing my handlebars to back from flat mtn handlebars to the gravel handlebars PNW Coast

    My new Revelate Designs Setup
    Revelate designs harness and Revelate Designs Egress pocket handlebar bag with the Sea to Summit big river dry bag 20L not in the Picture
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    I don't know they products you describe, but I almost got mad when you implied that Arkel doesn't make the best bags ever ... :D

    It seems the new set-up has a large rigid back and also multiple attachment points?

    Last tour when I used a really big bar bag I built a support coming off the brake mount, as well as straps to the head tube and tension/compression straps over the bars (plus locator straps around the bars.) It was a lot to mess with to get the bag off, but it didn't move while riding.

    if your bike has rim, V, or canti brakes to could possibly build or mount a shelf or mini-rack off them to help support the bar bag?

    I suppose if you ride bad enough roads, any bag will shake.

    Interested to hear about how the new set-up works.