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happy yule and xmas from Media PA

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howdee folks and glad to be here...though i check out a few other megalopolis forums, this one looks just right and cozy.

transplanted mississippian now outside of philly, loving all the snow and cold i never quite got down south.

former pure mtbiker...have returned to biking with a vengeance as of july 1st 2009...since then, i've gotten back into shape even more, got my first road bike (Giant Defy), ridden the Escape New York 50-miler in September and for the month of November, jumped into the insane world of cyclocross racing...3 of them! (my true love i have realized) between, i hit muddy singletrack as often as possible with either my hardtail (Trek) or the mutantcross, full rigid Giant Innova.

finding alot of good trail systems here and in Delaware, but enjoying the paved systems of the Schuylkill River Trail and the many hills in my area.

using the car less, biking to Trader Joes or wherever, whenever, whyever. hard to leave a carbon imprint with pedals (i want new bikes, but i try to look into used as often as possible)! that said, i do plan to find a nearly spanking new/hardly used Giant Yukon FX to jump into the full suspension game (and save these 46+ year old wrists) and...a Giant TCX by next 'cross season!

biking has reenergized my life and i can't believe i forgot about it. life can do that...

cheers and glad to be here. i already loaded up a few quick, readymade pix to the album for fun.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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