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Do you guys think that all noobs should have a hardtail?
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A hardtail will teach you to be a much better rider b/c there is less room for rider error. FS bikes will help you become a faster rider once you do learn all the basics though. I would only buy a FS as a first bike if you had a decent amount of money to spend on a nice one. Cheap FS bikes dont ride very well in my opinion, but thats just me.
FS bikes are always a faster ride when properly setup. Jeremiah Bishop and the Trek team tested this theory before and even though a hardtail might seem like you are going faster and really pushing it, its just not true. It feels faster b/c it is so much harsher. Rider weight only affects a FS with proper shock setup. Yes, a heavier rider will not enjoy a true XC full suspension as much as an All Mountain full suspension but still a faster better bike. You cant buy the cheapest FS out there either though or it will ride like a pogo stick.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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