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Racing in the rain, see this clip to get you in the mood Tour Of St Louis 2010 - Stlbiking Photo Gallery- powered by SmugMug

My on bike footage of the Tour of St. Louis category 1-2 footage is as follows: [ame=]YouTube - Carondelicious Circuit Race[/ame] Also known at the Carondelicious Circuit Race and
[ame=]YouTube - Delmarvelous Criterium[/ame] Also known at the Delmarvelous Criterium. Both were fast rain races at 28mph averages.

Please consider watching these videos from the comfort of your easy chair while sipping hot chocolate. Or if you perfer a virtual experience have someone spray you in the face with a garden hose while watching this video. You could have someone hit you over the head repeatedly with a hammer as well. This won't quite simulate the experience of suffering in a criterium, but when the hammering stops you will feel Delmarvelous.

Regards, David Henderson
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