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    Hey ya'll my name is chuck i'm 19 and i'm a full time college student. i don't own a bike yet but i will be getting one in the next couple of weeks. i've been participating in a spin class for about the last two months and not to brag but i have made HUGE improvements in that short time. my very first class i rode for 15 minutes and fell off the bike and layed in the floor. now i'm usually in the room about 15 or 30 minutes before class starts already spinning. it's just something that i really enjoy doing even after a long hard day at work when i'm wore out and just want to go to sleep if it's a tuesday or thursday night i go to the gym for class and it's like the day was just easy. i look forward to getting a bike in the next couple weeks and getting outdoors to ride.

    i appreciate any tips or advice anyone can give me. i'm just a kid tryin to learn and be in a healthy hobby
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    Great to have you! Ask us any questions you have. We'll be glad to help!