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Hello from NOLA!

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Hi, I'm Bill, and new to the forum.

I'm 53, and have been riding (again) for about a year--got back into a year ago after having to give up running due to some long-term back issues.

I started out with a hybrid, which I just traded in this weekend on a Trek 2.3.

My wife's a Navy Nurse, and we just found out we're being reassigned to Sigonella, Italy (in Sicily) in June!!

We're very excited, and the assignment has me thinking of really taking my cycling seriously.

Just wanted to say "hi!" and tell you all in advance I appreciate your experience and insights.

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Welcome to TwoSpoke, Bill!

I'm jealous! Just thinking of the real Italian food we had when we were there two summers ago makes my mouth water. Not to mention, I've labeled myself an honorary Tifosi and am a huge Ferrari F1 fan. (

I guess you're pretty excited about Sunday, too.

Post up some pics of that new ride here:
Welcome to the forum!
Thank you very much folks!! If I'm somewhat silent early on, please don't take it as disinterest--I know I've got a ton to learn, particularly in the road arena, and I've always gone with the "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to...." school! :)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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