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    I'm a rider out of the Snohomish County area of WA. I ride anything with 2 wheels, peddle powered or otherwise. I ride everywhere I go, I don't drive at all, and I have never had a license or a car. I'm too cheap to take the bus, and too lazy to walk, so I ride. I am an experienced mechanic, and have worked in a couple shops, and I volunteer for a non profit bike co-op called Sharing Wheels. I currently run my basement bike shop where I fix up junk bikes that people throw out, and take in repairs for those who need it. I look at a broken down bike the same way some people look at a starving child, or an injured puppy, I just have to do something about it regardless of someones ability to pay for repairs. I never leave my house without my mobile repair shop on my back, and even if I'm running late, I'll stop and help a stranded biker in need. I come here in hopes of spreading my knowledge of bicycles to everyone I can reach. I know there are lots of other skilled mechanics on here that can offer help, I'm just one more on that list.

    When I'm not turning wrenches or riding, I like to play Real Time strategy video games, fishing, camping, hunting, rocking out to death metal, kick boxing, or playing with my reptiles.

    My current collection: 1998 K2/Proflex Beast, 2004 Redline Monocog BMX, 1997 Specialized Rockhopper FS A1 Comp, 1987 Trek 1200, 2009 Schwinn with a Grubee Skyhawk motor, Specialized Rockhopper "polo bike", and a bunch of other frames waiting for parts.

    I look forward to talking to you all soon, and I hope I can help some people out with any bicycle questions you may have. :thumbsup:
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    Hello and welcome to the forum to share your ideas and knowledge with us.
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    Hey, good to see another in Washington, albiet I'm in Oly... a bit far away.
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    welcome... i am a non driver as well