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    HI sports fans! My name is mike frye and I build bikes for a hobby. I used to own a shop back when dinosaurs ruled the earth. and then I had a accident commuting to work. One broken helmet later and five days under life support, I now just work on bikes as a hobby.

    I kept all of my tools and bought a few more over the years so now I can do just about anything on a bicycle (except carbon fiber) I have a gas welder and a T.I.G. that I am still trying to figure out.

    I just started to commute to Portland from Beaverton on a Motor assisted bike.(going back to school) I'm still tying to ride my rollers three times a week so I can see my belt buckle but its not that easy. Out here in the burbs they have quite a few bike paths but they usually start and stop at random intervals I actually feel safer in downtown Portland in the middle of traffic than I do in Beaverton on a bicycle path.

    I guess its looking a bit better out here because the size of the S.U.V.s has dropped in the past few years. It was a mid sized one that nudged me into a ditch last week. Cut my hand, broke a tooth but more importantly put a dent in the toptube of my Rain bike. I don't know who said it but "what does not kill me makes me stronger" must apply to me.:cool:

    Mike Frye-the bike guy
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    Glad you're here, Mike! Be safe out there. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Great quote....and Welcome to the Forum!!!!