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Just got an email from the jeepforum that these two sites were partnering up, and since I own a Wrangler and I recently started cycling. I thought I would sign up here as well.

I started road cycling last year. I started with a Specialized Sequoia, love it. The only modification I have done so far is adding aero bars. Besides that I'm just biking when I can.

I live in the Pacific NW riding the local trails. I learned quickly that you never cycle here without rain gear handy. I've soaked myself once (it was so bad every time I pushed on the pedals water was coming out of the top of my shoes).

Looking forward to getting to know people on the forum. If there are any Redmond, WA area riders on the forum give me a shout. I'd love to find some people to ride with (just remember it's only my second season :))


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