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Hi, I want to build my first singlespeed bike and am looking for some suggestions/help with frame and parts selection. I have been an avid Road and MTB rider for quite awhile, but can not anymore due to knee issues so I just ride for recreation and because I love it so much. I currently have an Electra cruiser which I love and is great to ride, but have wanted to build a singlespeed for a couple of years now and have decided to do it.

I want to find an older vintage 60's-70's-80's road bike to use as the foundation for the build and am looking for advice on any particular brands/models to look for, or stay away from.

Also what hub(s) and wheels would you suggest? I do not want a fixie, just a good single speed hub.

Any other advice you have on parts, or the process would be greatly appreciated, can't wait to get started and to be able it ride it when it's done.

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