Help Finding Road Bike for Racing?

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by scrawnz, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. scrawnz

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    6'4" 190lbs. Race crits, road races and like to climb. Cervelo R3 or Specialized Tarmac SL?
  2. dovitsky

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    Cervelo / other options

    Cervelo R3
    Pinnarello FP6, Prince, Dogma
    BH G4 / G5

  3. Xela

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    Naturally, you are going to get a lot of biased opinions here. For example, I had a Look 595, but now ride a Specialized Roubaix SL2. Love the SL2 so much, I would recommend the Specialized. However, just saying that doesn't do you any good.

    We are all different. You're a bigger guy, and probably have more power than most of us, so what works great for us, may not be the best for you. I know I'd be reluctant to try to sell you on how stiff the bottom bracket feels, etc being 5'11" and about 170.

    I think you really just need to find some demo bikes and ride them. I know even the small LBS has a Specialized demo program where I was able to demo a Roubaix on some rides I knew before I purchased mine. Competitve Cyclist will ship you a ready to ride R3 that you can demo for a week. The cost is a little steep at $300, but that covers both outbound and return shipping. More info is here. Cervélo R3 Demo Bike - Competitive Cyclist

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide. I know a lot of people are probably envious of the decision you are making.
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  4. stdu007

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    Hi there here a good place to find some different opinion like xela said ... so i buy my first road bike this fall and my first choice was a specialized allez sport .... till i found a rocky mountain oxygen 50ac .... the only thing that make me changed my mind is the STORE ...
    (both felling on the road was good) but the guy's was more frindly and they know what they are talking about ... those guy's are cycling lover they own the store and there are pasionnated about you and your bike ... so to make a long story short just don t buy a brand mane buy a quality services if it's not an issue make some road test and go with your hart .... good luck