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Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by Roadhouse, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Roadhouse

    Roadhouse New Member

    I haven't ridden my bike in about two months, she's just sitting there, collecting dust.

    So tell me some of your awesome stories of your rides or something, remind me again the benefits of the bike, help get me riding again!
  2. awinter

    awinter No longer a newb!

    I just got back into riding less than 6 months ago. I have both a road and mtb that I constantly switch up weekly. I love riding the single tracks available in my back yard (3 regional parks nearby!) and having the option to ride on the roads.

    While I've been out riding at least every other day for the past 6 months, I still haven't lost my drive to keep going out and getting a good ride in. My off days are torture now since I'm still jonesing for a ride LOL. That said, another member here posted up some information about a race that will take place next year called the Tour of the CA Alps - Deathride. Now when I first read the post I thought to myself, someday I will be able to ride that race. But a funny thing happened, the idea of riding in the race has not let go. I've already begun to train and this has hugely increased my drive to get out and ride. I know that I have a long way to go, but by next July I WILL BE READY for this race!

    So for my two cents, set yourself some goals and go blast through them and then set some more. Give yourself something to aim towards.

    Happy riding!

    PS: whoever posted up about the Deathride, thank you! Much needed motivation and possibly a life changing event as my lifestyle has begun to have lots of small positive changes since I've committed to this new goal.

  3. wild

    wild Yesterday tired old man, Today retired old man

    I dont know about motavateing you but I sure don't nead to be motavated I feel the best when I am on the bike. If some one would have told me I would be riding 25 miles a day a cupple of years ago I would have said you are crazy. I can't belive how mutch better I feel since I started riding, I never felt this good when I walked 3 miles a day after my hart opp. I think I am doing ok for an old guy of 65, my Absolute 1.0 has 3200 miles on it and I got it in march 2010 I also have 2 outher bikes but not a lot of miles on them since I got my Absolute. So if I can get out and ride at 65 66 in a week you can put a cupple miles on. :D
  4. jad3

    jad3 Helmet up, wheels down.

  5. Roadhouse

    Roadhouse New Member

  6. Roadhouse

    Roadhouse New Member

    I went running for a few miles the other day and it sucked. Gotta get back on the bike soon. I'll post up about I'm sure.
  7. LarryM

    LarryM Eocyclist

    While not on a bike, if this guy can exercise, so can you.

  8. JK13

    JK13 New Member

    OMG! It doesn't look real doing the leg lifts and situps!
  9. Grape Ape

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    Roadhouse, it is like this. You must go out and ride tomorrow no matter how you feel or how much time you have take it for a spin around the block if nothing else and continue to do it every day.

    If you don't it will continue to gather dust, you will get lazier and lazier. You will continue to find reasons why you can't ride. You won't say you don't want to ride but will always have a reason why you can't. eventually you will be looking at the bike as something in the way and post it for cheap on Craigslist so you don't have to look at it or step around it. Then it will be gone and you can continue to be lazy yet don't have to feel guilty about not going for a ride because you no longer have a bike then. You will step out of the shower. Step up to the mirror and not be able to see your junk due to the overlapping gut you have acquired. Then you will go nuts trying to lose the weight and slim down.

    So as I said go out and ride your bike tomorrow or you will not be able to see your junk when you get out of the shower.
  10. Roadhouse

    Roadhouse New Member

    That video is awesome!

    Thanks for the encouragement guys. Grape, that's some funny sh!t! :)
    I've been running a few miles every day this week so far and plan on attending the local 50-ish mile group ride this Saturday morning.

    It's go time now.
  11. bikebum1975

    bikebum1975 Rat Biker

    I try to ride as much as I can even if it's a very short less than a mile ride around the block always makes me feel better. I ride my old rat even though she's seen better days I just don't go out on anything that far with the old ride. But next summer that will change got some new old wheels I'm working on :D I will be posting pics soon.