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I got this email this morning and as bad as I suck at hills, I do have a compact and a 11-28, I think, I would love to TRY and do this. Can't make it this year but I will pass it along for others in the area should you be interested. They are fast hard riding bunch!

The week-end of May 18-20th we are planning a mountain ride from Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company. The plan is to drive up after work on Friday the 18th and stay at the Acorn Inn in Nellysford, Va. The ride will leave out of The Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company around 9 or 10 am and include whatever route Lee Huffman picks for us but will be lots and lots of miles and lots of climbing – like 100 or so miles.

At my suggestion, we will include Vesuvious (sp) and possibly Reeds Gap. Bring your granny gears if you got ‘um! After the ride we will enjoy after ride refreshments and dinner at the Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co.

Jeff and I plan to spend Fri and Sat night at the Acorn Inn. This is a very “quaint” Inn. The “rooms” are converted horse stalls and the bathrooms are down the hall community style. Please call Kathy or Martin Versluys to make your reservation. Be sure to tell her you want one of the rooms reserved for the Hill week-end. She only has seven rooms (stalls) available so don’t wait too late. Don’t expect the Hilton or even the Roadside Inn. But it is awesome!

Kathy and Martin Versluys
(434) 361-9357 phone number

This is last years ride re-cap

(AP): Ron Skinnador noted Cat 4 racer took his game to the mountains of Virginia. Skinnador is the local flat land legion who frequently spreads his terror on the local AARP laden bike clubs and weekend fitness rides vowed to bring his game to the western part of Virginia. During a pre ride reconnaissance he frequently commented on “what’s da big deal”.
The multiple stage event also featured several AARP card carrying members including the Hill gang and Rocket Lee the Huffman.
Stage one started at Devil’s Backbone for the 5.5 mile assent to the parkway. Skinnador confidently trash talked the whuppin he was about to put on over his pre race meal of a bud light and BBQ pork sandwich.
It started out as usual with Skinnador dropping to the back for a human factor break then sprinting to the lead. He confidently attacked early. Then it happened. As the gentle incline started to become other than gentle, Skinnador came back to the peloton. The Huffman put on his sneak attack and it broke into two groups. Marci Hill lead the chase group which included Skinnador. She later commented that Skinnador began a series of profanity laced tirades that forced her to attack from the verbal assault Skinnador was putting on the mountain. She lost sight of him and decided to do a completion stop at the entrance to Wintergreen. Skinnador joined a time later. Here he tried to talk her into a tactic that included turning around, getting into the truck and driving to the top.
She forced him on and said get on my wheel I’ll get you to the top. It worked fairly well until she started suffering the effects of hypoxia due to Skinnador sucking all the oxygen out of the air. Skinnador pulled off. She tried to encourage the ssup but he stopped anyway. That would be repeated two more times.
Skinnador eventually made it to the top but was a non factor for the rest of the race. He did show a few examples of his flat land prowess by attaching on the downhill’s as long as he didn’t have to turn. The rest of the group appreciated this since after they blew past him on the way up the regroup times were somewhat shortened. The Huffman also commented on his tremendous bike handling skills stating, “I never saw a dude ride so slow without falling over”. The Huffman finished in yellow, green, and polka dots.
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