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    Hi, all,
    This looks like a really active forum.
    I'm a year-round cyclist, so ride everything according to the weather and what I'm doing, like hauling stuff (usually with a cargo-trike or trailer). My favorite bike is a hybrid that I use to do some real distances with, despite being told that "you need road bike for that". ("Experts", especially the self-defined kind, are not always right.) I tried that, but I find myself going back to the hybrid because you can ride on any kinds of roads and any kind of weather and keeps on plugging without complaining much nor needing massive, constant maintenance like the little skinny road racers do. I guess i"m just a plug-along cyclist but I love doing the distance. :D Did my first 100K on a hybrid. Wasn't it Lance Armstrong that said something about "give me any kind of bike and I'll still beat you?" So, it's all about the rider, not the mount.
    Looking forward to some interesting discussions here. :thumbsup:
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    Great to have ya! Since LA is sponsored by Nike, do you think he'll eventually confess that it's gotta be the shoes?

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    Welcome....I agree with you completely. The important thing is that you are on the bike, and that you enjoy it. Who the hell cares what you ride....just keep logging those miles.
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    welcome my biking friend!!