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    Hi, the names Rick.
    Popped across from homebrewtalk to take a look what's going on here.
    Long time cyclist (not saying how long) and currently riding a pretty standard MTB.
    Used to ride a beautiful peugot racing bike until the roads around here totalled it.
    Rainy night with mud on the road hiding loose tarmac. Hit it at 30 plus and the front wheel was kicked out from under me. We both hit the pavement pretty hard. I had a helmet on but my head was the only thing that didn't hit the floor. Slammed into a post and fractured my collar bone. Even worse, the front wheel and forks bent and the rear frame snapped.

    Figured an MTB might cope with the bad roads around here better. Some of the rural roads make off road look smooth.
    Did upgrade the lights and now run with a bottle generator feeding a halogen front light which is pretty bright and two cateyes for the front when out of town with twin rear led lights.
    Planning on fitting a hub generator when the front wheel needs replacing.
    Usually cover about 1500 miles a year but if there are a lot of longer trips it has been double that or more.

    I have been looking at maybe getting a recumbent or semi but so far haven't found anything that jumps out and says ride me.
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    I also was notified of this site by homebrewtalk. Good to see cycling and homebrewing coming together. Two of my favorite things!