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    Hi guys. Another Newby. I am 73 and retired/unemployed. I have built about 16-18 motorbikes since the 1st one in the 7th grade. My dad built my first for me when I was 11. It was a 1927 B&S FH on a lengthened American Moto Scoot frame found in an alley. My first build was a bare bike with a B&S WI of 5/8 hp with a mixing valve suction carburator. No brakes, no clutch, just a choke cable throttle, but went and started like a dream. lf I had to stop, shoe soles behind the fork did the trick. I just legged it along 2-3 licks and was gone again. Did you think stoppies were something modern?
    In years since I always strived to advance the art with ideas of my own. My first being wrapping a peddle chain around the coaster brake and returning with a screen door spring fastened to the seatpost nut. This at a time when others used a rod and clevis fork pinned to a lever welded to the sprocket.
    In recent years I went to chain drive finals since Whizzer spoke pulleys became impossible to find. Also, clothes dryer drum support wheels on motor shafts to provide full-time power for a bike light generator. My most recent has a 3-speed Sturmey-Archer hub transmission for a jackshaft so I can shift gears. It has a 5-1/2 HP Jiang Dong industrial engine. When it was governed it ran 42 mph @ 3100 RPM but has since gotten a Lambretta piston carburator and straight pipe and no governor. I have no idea what it will do. Actually I miss the governor as it was CRUISE CONTROL. It ran 41 uphill,43 downhill or off a cliff, and never had to touch the throttle. The fuel gauge on the tank fell in, so I replaced it with a Hodaka Ace 90 chrome tank of 3 gal. cap'y. All my industrial engine powered bikes have a rectangular frame for a footrest and motormount re-inforced with handlebars on the front welded to the front downtube. This is typical of most bikes in Bartlesville OK since
    during WW2 when they stretched the rationed fuel for defense workers.
    One bike is a Rollfast Hopalong Cassidy I found for $15. I put a 1968 3HP Clinton in it and since have seen an identical bicycle advertized for $1600 ! Oh well. It looks nice and retro amyhow.:eek: FWIW Harbor freight tool has their 6-1/2 HP on sale for $99. That is a Jiang Dong like my 5-1/2HP I paid $129 for.
    One thing I neglected to mention--I am building a Locost from scratch. It is a clone of a Lotus se7en, but a lot hotter with a 1.6 DOHC Toyota motor of 120 hp. I am currently doing a wiring loom. Very SLOW work indeed!
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    Welcome. Do you happen to have any pictures of those bikes, they sound like fun little machines.

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    Hi from an old Whizzer rider, think I was like 11 when I got a well used Whizzer, that was a long time ago I am 65 now . Sure would like to see some photos of the bikes thay sound neat.