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I was thumbing through some stuff today and ran across this somewhat dated blog but it's wort a post and a read! I don't think there is a realistic way around still having to drive but I see a lot of towns and areas being built to accommodate an active healthy life style

Cyclist paved the way!

Cities are waking up to the fact that unrestrained car use is bad for people, and bad for the local economy. Unrestrained car use leads to ugly cities.

Now, the cities that first woke up to this are the bicycle-friendly cities beloved by cycle campaigners.

Towns and cities that design for people, not machines, will be the most progressive of the next 150 years, the towns and cities where people will most want to live, work and play. Far from being a 19th century anachronism, the bicycle is fast becoming a symbol of urban modernity, and cyclists are again at the vanguard of making cities better places. Cyclists have always been ahead of their time.
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