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    I have been leaning my bike up against a wall in the spare bedroom or if the tires are nasty from mud and such against my wife's industrial sewing machine in the entryway. Well the cat decided to use it as a means to help him stretch. I was nearby and as he climbed up the back tire it moved and started to crash to the ground. The bike went one way and the cat the other. Me with my cat like reflexes kept the bike from hitting the ground, but decided I needed a better method for supporting the bike.

    First I thought of putting a hook in the wall and hanging it by the front tire but didn't like the idea of mud/dirty water running down the wall if I hung it without washing it first.

    I found a bike rack design that was built to hold 3 bikes up in the back of a pickup bed, at Utah mountain biking. It is shown in the first 2 pics.

    I modified it to just hold one bike and added legs to support it. 4 is the stand I built from the side, pic 5 is from the top looking down. pic 6 is the stand with color added and a legend to show how long to cut the pieces. Note the orange circle, it depends on the width of the tires. My 2.10's required a spacing between the ends of the t's and 90's of 1/2" each size will be different narrow road tires will not need and spacing there so you will have to compare it to your tires before gluing up.

    Pic 7 is with my bike in the stand. Pic 8 is the way it fits with the rear derailleur inside the pipes. In order to fit I have to make sure my rear is on the big ring to get it up and in to fit in the rack. Pic 9 is of my bike in it with the front tire holding. It will stand up that way as long as the bike is close to straight the more the bike is from straight the less it holds to a point of it falling over. This design clears disc brakes with no problem. I have thought of building up the low end maybe 3-4 inches if I ever build another one in the future but this one works very well.

    I used 1" schedule 40 pvc for this stand. While digging through everything I thought of going with 3/4" but decided to just stick with the one inch like the utahbike design. I am glad I did this stand can put a bit of pressure on the support legs if the bike leans over I don't know how the 3/4" would have held up.

    The stand can be painted if you want it to match your decor but it works good natural. Also the bike has to be pushed all the way in if not it tends to let the bike lean to much in the rack and will fall over. I have though of even taking a drill and drilling a hole in the top end for a bungee cord then hooking a bungee to the bike by the seat post etc... to pull it into the rack. Maybe later I will see how it holds up over the next few days and decide then.

    If you have any questions let me know.

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    Genius, Grape Ape! Very impressed!

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    No genius here, I just modified someone else's design to work for me. I figured it would be a good one to share. I know there are a lot of us who need a way to keep the bikes from falling over and scratching up the bikes, walls, landing on kids and pets. Maybe this will keep someone's bike and house in better shape.
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    Tag because that is genius and I need to make one for my office!
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    Those Utahns are a thrifty bunch.
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    Either way Bud that is a genius design I love it.