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Follow the points listed below to make sure you enjoy riding your e-bike during the colder months.

1. Battery Maintenance

Charging your e-bike should be done at room temperature. Make sure the battery temperature is above freezing point before charging, otherwise it may be damaged.
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After riding, please be patient and wait for the battery to warm up (do not use other heat sources, such as a lamp or fire, to speed up the process) before plugging it in.

If you do not ride your e-bike in winter, keep the battery indoors or in a heated garage. Please check the battery once a month to keep it at a medium level of charge. The battery should not be below 60% for a long time, so it is best to charge it every once in a while. Prevent the battery from running low and reducing its life and performance. 2.

2. Keep your e-bike clean to prevent rusting

When riding in winter, your e-bike will get dirtier than other months. In winter, sand and gravel are used on roads to keep them safe to drive on. Gravel usually contains aggressive magnesium salts. In addition, salt-laden water and snow can become embedded in gears and seep into hard-to-reach areas. Therefore, wipe your e-bike with a damp cloth after each ride to keep it clean.

3. Choose fat-tire e-bikes

Choosing an e bike 1000w with the correct tires in winter is essential to ensure safety. Choose thicker tread pattern to get better grip. Wider tires accommodate more volume and roll safely at lower pressures for increased traction. In addition, low-pressure tires maintain traction better when turning to avoid winter accidents while cornering.

4. Ride as far away from snow and mud as possible

Avoid riding electric fat tire bike in snow and mud. Water-laden, salt-laden snow can splash onto your gears and may seep deeper, leading to rusting. If you must ride in slush, wipe down the entire bike afterwards and lubricate the chain afterwards, etc.

5. Store in a dry place

After riding in the slush in winter, it is recommended that you store your 48v electric bike in a dry place. This is appropriate for all seasons. If the temperature is particularly low (14°F or lower) (-10°C), bring the battery indoors to avoid the associated reduction in power and range.

6. Wear warm clothing

Winter riding requires warm clothing, waterproof, breathable jackets, winter boots, brimless hats and gloves. Wear outerwear with good visibility for safety as it gets darker earlier and use extra lights in front and behind your e-bike.
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