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How do you commute with an electric bike?

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A good day can turn bad when you're stuck in traffic. If there is a traffic jam on the way to work, you may encounter problems such as being late.

If you're interested in saving money, getting around low-carbon, and exercising, it's time to consider the best way to commute - an electric bike. In fact, choosing an electric bike for commuting is better than driving.

Why choose an electric bike for commuting?

1. Save money
Choose an electric bikes for sale to work and save more money. You only need to spend money on a new electric bike, and the follow-up investment is low.
Compared to commuting by car, the cost of ebike work is much lower. If you want to save money, an electric bike is the best way to get around.

2. Environmental protection
Electric bikes are a zero-emission vehicle because they don't burn any fuel, and e mountain bike don't release any gas into the atmosphere. If the majority of people choose e-bikes instead of cars for work, it will have a major impact on reducing carbon emissions. If everyone chooses electric bicycles to go to work every day, I believe our environment will get better and better.
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3. Avoid traffic jams
The most annoying thing when you go to work is the traffic jam, you can only wait anxiously in the car. You may be late and lose money due to traffic jams, and it will also cause you to be in a bad mood. By choosing an electric bicycle, you can completely avoid traffic jams, because you only need a gap to pass.

4. Exercise is especially good for the brain
Research shows that commuting by full suspension ebike is associated with increased productivity, reduced stress, reduced absenteeism and improved cardiovascular health. Ride at speeds up to 28 mph, remove all your work and family stress and try not to have fun while you do!

5. Lose weight
Ride an electric bike and get your whole body moving and your body will get better. It's no secret that many Americans gain a few pounds a day, or even 20 pounds or more, because of the office. An hour of riding an electric bike can burn more than 390 calories. Ride an electric bike every day and your body will be in a state of balance.

With an e-bike, you can enjoy all the benefits of cycling to work without any inconvenience.
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Electric cars and bikes and whatever vehicle you want to call electric are zero emissions right up to the part where there is a factory making the batteries and those are hardly zero emmission much less toxic free to the earth when their trash gets disposed of. Why the hell is that part always left out. What pollution is generated by where you get electricity from that charges that zero emission battery? Left that out too. OP gots jokes.....
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Yes, ebikes are more exercise than sleeping or sitting on couch watching TV.....thanks for that stunning bit of info........I get exercise just reading these threads. Exercise in futility.
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Weather long will those ebikes hold up in rainy conditions? what is charge loss percentage of batteries due to excessive cold and/or heat? Doubting even IP68 anything will last that long in adverse conditions....if ebikes are even that hi rated for wetness. Then there is the inconvenience of wearing waterproof or cold proof clothing to get you back and forth from work....and having a place at work to store all that and the bike. Doubting many will want to deal with that kind of travel hassle. Me on the other hand, will ride my actual human powered bikes thru rain snow heat cold dark mud.....especially mud....on purpose without any concern about staying clean or dry at all and it all has no negative effects on me or the bike. Will these ebikes last 30 years or more....doubt it. my regular ones have.

i can see where, in a perfect scenario, riding to work would be a very cool concept. bummer that reality and logistics crap all over that for the masses. you're trying to sell an impractical case is work from home and go ride whenever you want for whatever reason or mission. that is a much more realistic sales pitch.
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THIS is true carbon emission free commuting that burns way more than 390 calories or whatever you would sitting on a seat and does really keep your body in balance.


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Behold the spectacular gravity of this situation! No recharging required.......
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