How far do you bike?

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    I was talking to a friend of mine online and he said that his regular commute was ten miles back and forth. Mine is only 2 miles but ten seems to much. What the average length of your commute until you just take your car?
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    It is 50 mi for me to just about anything, I don't think 10 miles each way would be too bad. I did work in Willows CA for a while and lived 16mi away, used to commute when weather permitted, heat was the biggest issue, over 100 for weeks at a time, but I liked the ridin, it was flat as a board though, not even a rise.

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    I am not a commuter but I ride allmost every day, 10 mile loop about 55min. my bike is Jamis explorer 2.0 comfort bike. baught new 6/25/09 has 581 miles on but it don,t count the miles when I forget to turn the computor on. Now 960 9-24-09

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    Car-free rider here, so if it's outside my 'reasonable distance', I say, "I don't need to GO there."

    I have multiple routes to commute, anywhere from the straight-in 2 miles I use in the dead of winter to a 9-miler when I feel a little froggy. I haven't done as much 'fun riding' this year, but when i do, it's usually 15-20 miles.

    For 10 miles or less, I'm generally cranking about 13+ mph; over that, it drops to about 11. ( I ride MTB, btw)

    Once a year, my buddy and I do the entire local MUP, presently 46 miles RT. Personal best was 3 hrs, 38 min for the whole thing.