How old is (are) your bike (bikes)?

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  1. baj32161

    baj32161 American Expatriate Tavern Member

    Just wondering how long we keep our bikes. My primary bike I bought new in 2005 (NOS 2004 LeMond) and my backup roadie is a 2003 Raleigh Grand Sport. I see no reason to get rid of either of them or to buy another new roadie. I may pick up a hybrid for our crushed stone bike path but other than that....I figure if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


    Brian J.
  2. Industry_Hack

    Industry_Hack Total noob (& forum admin) Admin Staff Tavern Member

    R20 is from about 1974.
    Cannondale MTB is a 2002, I think.
    Electra beach cruiser 2004?
    Haro BMX 2004 or 2005
    Wabi Classic is a 2010
    Windsor The Hour is a 2009

  3. Doohickie

    Doohickie Older than Hack

    1966 Raleigh DL-1 Tourist
    1973 Schwinn Varsity (Tourist Conversion)
    1983 Raleigh Marathon
    1987 Schwinn Prelude
    1994 Nishiki Sport XRS hybrid
    2009 Schwinn Cutter
  4. BlazingPedals

    BlazingPedals Member

    The oldest rideable bikes I have are 1997 vintage. I also have a 'project' bike: a 1952 Firestone Deluxe Cruiser.
  5. Grenouille

    Grenouille Grenouille

    09 Marin Fairfax (8 days old today)
    @ 99 Specialized Crossroads hybrid. Heavy but still a great bike
    '73 Royce Union something. Ten speeds, even. (Kid road it a lot in last couple years, still useable).
  6. CTD50

    CTD50 DX's Biggest Member

    My Dakar XLT, main ride, is an '05 (bought/built up on clearance in '07).

    My still-to-be-rebuilt hardtail is (no screeches or catcalls, please) a Pacific, sold through Wally World in late 2000-mid 2001. Hands down, the BEST product Pacific has ever built. 19" HT frame that weighs in at 4lb. even, 6061 alu. If it had been made with disc tabs, it would have been nearly perfect.
  7. Engyo

    Engyo Bent Newbie - old rider

    I have a 1984 Trek 620 (26 y/o) and a 2008 Rans V3.
  8. greenhorn

    greenhorn greenhorn

    2004 Schwinn Mountain bike
    2009 Specialized Crosstrail hybrid
    2009 Giant Defy....brand new but last years model at a heck of a price.
    I also have 3 vintage 10 speeds from the 70"s, 2 Schwinn and 1 Fuji.
  9. stdu007

    stdu007 New Member

    2007 gary fisher monona (hybride bike)
    2010 rocky mountain oxygen 50ac (road bike)
  10. turtlewoman

    turtlewoman New Member

    1975 Peugeot UO-18
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  11. wild

    wild Yesterday tired old man, Today retired old man

    2009 Jamis Explorer 2.0-------1322 miles
    2009 Cannondale Quick 6-------655 miles
    2010 Fuji Absolute 1.0----------453 miles
    1970s Schwinn superior My son rode it home one day, I don't think it will come back.
    The Jamis and the Cannondale are 9 months old and the Fuji 1-1/2 months old
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  12. flyingdog

    flyingdog Member

    1980 Schwinn Varsity Deluxe (original buyer/owner)
    2007 Fuji 'Crosstown' 1.0 (21")
    2008 Fuji 'Crosstown' 1.0 (19")

    As you can see, once I get something I like, I stick with it and (usually) don't ever consider updating for quite awhile.:D:thumbsup:

    Our Cozy Family (not showing three cats & a few squirrels)

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  13. AceOfSpades

    AceOfSpades New Member

    Depends! Some people ride their bikes. I planned to keep my bike forever but the framed snapped so I was forced to get another under warranty of course.

    Riding my bike 5000 + every year, one can never tell what may happen. If a rider hangs his bike on the wall as decoration, yes, it will last and no need of paln to get another anytime soon.

    In a thread like this, one should state how many miles you have on the bike. For instance, I rode over 6,000 miles last year andonly 1,000 so far this year. I hope y bike lasts forever but like I said, one cannever tell!

    How many miles have you put on your bike this year? May be a good gauge of how long your bike will last and if you will sometime soon need another!

  14. baj32161

    baj32161 American Expatriate Tavern Member

    I wasn't interested in all of that. All I wanted to know was how old are bikes are, besides I did say that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Yours clearly broke. Some people buy new bikes to upgrade their older bikes for no good reason other than to have a newer bike. I am not one of those people. With all due respect, if I had wanted to ask about mileage info and such, I would have. Should you wish to find all of that out feel free to do so in another thread.


    Brian J.
  15. chh55

    chh55 Drink plenty of water!!!

    Olmo gran corse 1986 (mostly a beautiful paper weight)
    Vitus 979 (also a paper weight)
    LOOK KG381 Credit Agricole Team 2003 which I just finished building, waiting for the roads to get swept before I bring it out.
    LOOK KG451 2007 My trainer and what a bike!
    I sometimes wonder what the life expectancy of a carbon frame is? Racing sailboats lose their snappiness after a couple seasons. Bike frames go through a lot of vibrations and shocks. What does Industry Hack have to say on the subject?
  16. Industry_Hack

    Industry_Hack Total noob (& forum admin) Admin Staff Tavern Member

    Until they break. :)
  17. AceOfSpades

    AceOfSpades New Member

    You said this!

    Just wondering how long we keep our bikes.

    I think my point of how much you ride, how long they last, is a valid explanation of why some might keep their bikes longer than others.

    If I didn't actually ride my bike, I'd keep it longer as it had minimal use and more than likely, not much interest in actual riding which would affect my "getting a new bike" when I don't ride the ones I have. And there would be less chance of my breaking a bike if I don't ride.

    With all due respect, you sound a bit defensive about the statement, "actual riding the bike" which can be translated as, you don't ride much.:eek:..But is a big major factor in deciding on "how long to keep a bike" for those of us that actually ride.

    I ride my bikes plenty which would be a good reason why I woud go through more, valid point! Like I said, mileage is a good factor of how long some of us keep our bikes.

    Sorry if you are offended by my opinions but if you didn't want this side of the debate or view, you should have stated in the OP "without considering mileage on the bike" otherwise, I think its a valid point andmajor factor.
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  18. antibard

    antibard New Member

    erm, which bit? :)

    i (only) have 2 bikes:

    a late 70s woodrup frame with a mixture of 70s/80s components but with new wheels

    and a 90s lemond team gan glx frame which has some 90s stuff (bars, stem, headset), some early 00s (bb, chainset), and the rest is from 08ish

    i bought the woodrup as a whole bike 3 years ago, the lemond has taken me 2years to build as i'm constantly broke so have only been able to get one piece at a time!

    i ride the woodrup 20 miles every week day and the lemond only on dry weekends, usually over long distances. i plan to keep them indefinitely

    a good steel frame is pretty hard to kill- i'm afraid to say i treat the woodrup really badly and although it looks rough, it rides like a new bike.
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  19. whyeyebike

    whyeyebike New Member

    2009 Specialized Allez Elite (Road)
    2006 Lemond Versailles (Road)
    2004/5 Trek 4500 (MTB)
  20. Techninja

    Techninja New Member

    Got my 96 -97 ( still aint pinpointed it yet ) Roadmaster 10 speed. Rode the fire out that bike when it was new was my get everywhere everyday bike. Had a digital Speedo/odometer till an accident when the bike was a few years old which had logged over 1000. Rode it even after that with new wheels. She's pretty chipped in the paint, the gears are showing their age and the Derailleurs are in serious need of adjustment or replacemnet but she still rides.