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    For any eastern New England readers not in on this one-- next year try the Hub on Wheels ride. It's a city-sponsored event last Sunday in Sept (ie yesterday), with a 50 mile course within Boston (mostly), also 10 and 30-mile rides. Begins with 8 miles on Storrow Drive, a real hoot, since you otherwise only get to see Storrow at 50 MPH. Then thru lots of neighborhods many of us had never been to before. The event didnt seem to be very well publicized in advance, which is why I'm doing this note (I heard about it from another rider at a coffee stop last weekend).

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    I just road the Hub on Wheels for the 2nd year. It gets about 6000 riders every year, with the exception of last year because of rain. After the ride, Boston hosts the Mayors Cup which is a pretty well received pro criterium.

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    agree with you! A good time was had by all. It was my second year and I went with several friends on the 50. Wow is Boston a big area with parks full of families and sports, paths, waterfront, beautiful old buildings, tired abandoned buildings and fancy new development. I'm always impressed with the diversity in people, buildings, greenways and topography. The bouyant volunteers and fig newtons were the same at every rest stop.

    I rode the 5 borough NYC ride and that was an uncomfortable, over crowded well meant tour and Boston was uncrowded (staggered start) and very pleasant. Mayor Menino really is a fan of biking and was comfortable talking to the crowd.[​IMG]