Human Power Challenge 2010!!!!

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    Ok everyone - if you want to attend the premier recumbent gathering - this is it. Registration is now active and starting for the

    11th Annual Human Power Challenge

    This is a premier event and is a LOT of fun. I urge everyone to check out the details on the website at the link above. There are plenty of pictures and a few videos that will give you a sense of the type of fun times to be had at the event.

    This is also an event where you might get a chance to test ride many different types of bikes or maybe oven a velomobile. Often there are folks who will offer up a test ride!

    The weather will be great and the company will be awesome. Register today if you are anywhere near Portland, OR. If you aren't, the weekend trip is a great way to meet fellow recumbent riders and partake in the festivities!
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