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Well, sh!t. After years of perceiving Strava as a roadie-only kind of deal, I've had occasion to join it anyway. It's early days and I'm just using the free version, but it seems to offer a lot. [email protected] :unsure:. Lots of bike options, even if I'm sure most roadies would scoff or find themselves outright nauseated by my categorization of my two recumbent bikes as 'road bikes', 1.5" diameter tires and all :eek::D. Hardened MTB types might also be offended by my characterization of my Surly Ice Cream Truck as an MTB. If there was a fat bike category, I'd use it.

I'm a longtime RideWithGPS fan, but must admit that Strava seems to offer some cool features. I like its free analytics better than RWGPS or the Gaia GPS app, though the latter's full version offers better maps than Strava's free version. Not a fair comparison, except I do like Strava's free analytics better than Gaia's subscription version of the same. Strava also offers a lot more 'native' activities. Garmin may have more, but only if you have one of their watches, which I don't. I love my Edge 510, but it's only really useful for cycling. I like the idea of one app for walking, hiking, cycling, skiing, stand up paddle boarding, and on and on. Ugh. It's annoying to be wrong.

Still, I joined the Two Spoke Strava club. Let's ride!
781 - 798 of 798 Posts