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Alright, its no secret that I'm a HUGE Dark Knight fan. At my house, Batman is referred to as "The Dude" because he just pretty much kicks some serious ass. Filthy rich, matinee idol good looks (this is where we have common ground), intellectually elite (another common ground), martial arts guru and he's been on other planets (not common ground we share).

While its widely known how awesome he is, it isn't too well known how he'd have to train to acquire all of the skills, strength and power that he has. Well, fear not faithful citizens, I'm going to share what I would do if Bruce Wayne came to the hallowed halls of INTEGRATE Performance Fitness looking to get stronger.

First off I'd check his mobility and stability, and obviously he'd pass with flying colors. Once we established that it would be time to put the iron work together. Being a top shelf crime fighter entails many feets of physical prowess (common ground) that can only be had through years of incredibly hard work. Lucky for Bruce, I'd help him get there.

So, what would you prescribe for someone who needs to be able to do explosive pull ups, swing on wire filament 35 stories above concrete and be able to fend off up to 10 thugs at a time?

Well, that person would need the spinal column stability of a California Redwood. The glute strength to not only smash a dime with his cheeks, but to make it scream in agony and beg for mercy. He'd also need the explosiveness of both an Olympic gymnast and the speed of a 100m track sprinter coupled with the flexibility of a contortionist to get out of those tight spots while hanging upside down with hands and feet bound.

Long story short, this would be no run of the mill program, it would be a super program. On a side note, Superman is a hack btw. He's an alien cheater from another planet, and can be taken down with a green rock. Rocks. I mean honestly who goes down because someone put a green rock next to him? Kal-El the hack that's who.

Change the color of the sun, and even I'd be able to open a can of whoop ass on him. This is why Batman is superior from every angle. No super powers, just finely tuned implements of ass kicking and intellectual superiority mixed in with the right amount of physical awesome (more common ground).

Ok, back to the Dark Knight's training program. Here's how I'd start.

1) Hypertrophy Phase
Filling out the Bat suit entails BIG muscles, and that's where we'd start. If your muscles get bigger, they typically get stronger too.

So we're going with weighted pullups for the back. Most likely holding on to a heavy dumbbell with the feet to not only provide resistance but help with lower body grappling strength in a scrum with the seedy underbelly dwellers of Gotham City and Arkham Asyslum.

We'd also strap some Olympic plates to his waist with some chains for weight as well. Pull ups of varying grips 5-7 reps x 5-10 laps. Hey, crime fighting ain't easy, and neither would his program be.

We'd also alternate between weighted pushups with 45's on his back (he's got to be able to break loose of a thug dog pile right?) and the heaviest DB bench presses we could muster. Most likely with one arm to build cross body stabilization as well. We'd sprinkle in some over head kettle bell presses as well for good measure.

From here we'd go to loaded anti rotation holds and Palloff Presses. He'd need lateral strength, and this is how we'd build it. Again, 5-7 reps with as much iron as he could hold and press x 10 sets.

The lower body would be grotesque. The legs feed the wolf, and I'm assuming the Bat as well. In this scenario we're going with Olympic lifts and KB swings. When its a matter of life and death, with the only thing separating you from a dirt bath and a cup of Alfred's hot cocoa back at the cave, you need to train for as much instant power as you can muster.

So, he's doing a TON of deadlifts on one and two legs. He's also doing loaded glute bridges with as much weight as an Olympic bar would hold.

He's doing 30 sets x 30 swings with KB swings with :30 of rest to give him the power endurance he'd need to take on multiple thugs for long durations. He'd also do some serious over head Olympic squats so he could easily hold the likes of the Joker and Bane over his head before he (BIFF!!) BODY SLAMS THEM TO THE GROUND (more common ground)!!

Let's also not forget the Turkish Get Up. Maybe even at the bottom of a pool (Hey, he's Batman and has to be ready for everything! No common ground here). I can't think of a better way to train lung capacity and strength at the same time, can you? But, being that he's tasked with protecting the citizenry of Gotham City, he gets them with an Olympic bar and as much weight as he can hold for added stability work because that's more applicable to what he'd need.

We're on this phase for 5-6 weeks with progressive loads with reduced rest intervals to match the demands of what he does. After this, we're on a recovery week with body weight strength/mobility work.

After this we move on to power. Moderate loads moved 4-6 times as fast as he could, and if you're the Dark Knight, let's face it, that's pretty damn fast (common ground). We've got sled pulls, swings, squat jumps, sprints, med ball slams, tire flipping and the like. We'd then have do gymnastics workouts to develop the wirey high power movements he'd need to tumble, grapple, swing, etc. We're here for 4-5 weeks then we head onto another rest period.

We'd finish off the cycle with power endurance and metabolic circuits from hell. 3:00 on with 1:00 off of lighter load high output movements. Explosive pushups, squat jumps, speed pulls, swings for 10 reps each as many laps as he could go in 3:00 mins.

We'd alter this each workout to hit his muscles from as many angles as possible. After 4-6 weeks, he gets a down week of more body weight mobility, and we start the cycle over again.

We are also mixing in MMA and UFC sparring, martial arts and as many combat style workouts as he could do. When you're Batman, over training can't enter the picture because the words "spring" and "break" doen't exist in your vocabulary.

So, fear not kind citizens, Al is on the case should the need ever arise with a plan to help keep the safety of the innocents in tact. You're in good hands with AL-State as I help save humanity by doing my part to make the World's Greatest Detective stronger!

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Glad you liked it. Thinking of a Spidey workout next.
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