If you could go back in time....

Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by Yamez, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Yamez

    Yamez Guest

    If you could go back in time knowing what you know now, what would be the one bike you would have hung on to?
  2. Grape Ape

    Grape Ape Younger than Hack Tavern Member

    None of them.

    All of them have a place in my heart for one reason or another but the BMX bikes I have had are to small and designed for a different type of riding I do now. The Road bikes and cruisers were junk that I barely kept together to keep riding. The mountain bike I had was nice in its day but was a steel framed beast. It would be obsolete now and the components would be junk. My progression through bikes has me on a very nice Cannondale now that is ideal for what I want now. Will it be the best thing in 10 years who knows but it sure is sweet right now.

  3. tajcrews

    tajcrews New Member

    My Klein Attitude with the one off paint job from Trek. It was a Trek show bike that was actually never produced. My Trek rep had it and sold it to me when i worked at the bike shop. Of course, me being an idiot decided to sell it b/c i wanted the money and still miss it. Oh well, on to bigger and better right
  4. riderman14

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    i hung onto the one bike i "would have" hung onto!! a Fuji 1975 Pro,it was one of only a few shipped into the U.S. that year.i was working at a bike shop on Martha's Vineyard and racing for team Fuji at the time.i scored one of these bikes from the bike shop Life Cycle in Boston cause someone ordered it and never picked it up!! they called and asked me if i wanted it and i said yes!! i paid 1100.00 for that bike way back then.still have it now and ride it on ocassions...Golden Memmories!!! ahhhh.thank you sooo much...ride on
  5. hophead

    hophead New Member Tavern Member

    I would have locked up all of my bikes that were stolen from my garage a few years ago. Among them was a Surly 1x1, a Bianchi DISS, and my daughters Specialized Hot Rock.

    I recovered the Bianchi. A guy at my LBS saw a kid riding it around and called the police. The 1x1 and Hot Rock are still MIA. It was no big deal replacing my daughters bike, but I really miss that Surly. I've since gotten another.

    There are almost no bikes that I've gotten rid of on purpose. I still have all of my bikes except the Bianchi that I parted out to build a ss for my gf. I don't really miss that bike though. It was a rigid aluminium bike and beat the piss out of me.
  6. TXbiker

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    I had a chrome Diamond Back BMX from the ages of 10-13. It had blue anodized aluminum 3-piece cranks, blue aluminum rims, and all sorts of 80's hop-up parts. My mother was a high school teacher and one of her students raced BMX competitively, so when he got a new bike this one was purchased for me. It was the best riding BMX bike I ever owned but was predictably stolen from the school bike rack one day.