I'm getting lots of flats.

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    I have Bontrager hard case tires along w/ some silicon-ish lining which is designed to prevent punctures. The tires are always filled between 100 and 110 psi. I only ride streets. I'm getting constant flats. What's causing this? I'm changing out a tube a week. I checked the rims and they appear to be fine.

    How many flats do you guys get in a month? I think this is excessive, but I don't know.
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    Check several of your flatted tubes, and find out where the leak is. Second, if you can find it, mark the wheel in the leak location. If the leaks are always in the same location then check that spot very carefully. Could be a spoke head rubbing through the rim tape; could be a piece of glass or wire sticking through the tire and puncturing every tube you put in there. If that doesn't do it, try switching tube brands. Are your tubes rated for 110 PSI long with your tires?

    I haven't had any flats since I got my V3 last Thanksgiving. Of course, I am running Kevlar tires and thorn-proof tubes. They are heavy, but I don't get flats.
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    Yeah I'm not having any issues at all either. And I'm on the trails and curb hopping all the time. I have Bontrager LT3 tires.

    Are you running to much air in the tires/tubes? 100-110psi seems really high to me, that could be the problem by itself.