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After yesterday evening, I'm beginning to wonder about my sanity when it comes to bicycling.

Due to rain that came through over the weekend from TS Lee I didn't get to ride Saturday, Sunday or Monday. So all day yesterday I sat here at work and thought about how enjoyable the evening ride was going to be. The forecast said that the last of the rain would be gone by afternoon.

I get home and the sky is still grey and yucky looking, but no rain, so I feed the dogs, load the bike in to the back of the truck and off I go to the bike trail. About a mile from the parking lot... you guessed it, it started raining. And the closer I got the more it rained. Got to the parking lot and there zero cars there. That almost never happens. There's always one or two crazy people that don't care about the weather.

For a moment I debated turning around and going back home, but no darn it... I had been thinking about this ride *all* day long and I wasn't going to the now pouring down rain stop me. The rain had also whisked away our 90 degree temps and its now 62 degrees outside. I put on a light jacket, hopped on my bike and off I went. After riding in the heat all summer it was actually strangely enjoyable. First thing I discovered was that at 60 degrees I was bit under dressed but I quickly warmed up. I did pass one guy out jogging otherwise I had the trail to myself. Maybe this riding in the rain isn't so bad after all. Went out 8 1/2 miles, turned around and came back to the truck for a total of a 17 mile ride that took 1 hour and one minute. Not bad considering I have 8 road crossings I have to stop for.

When a guy's gotta ride, a guy's gotta ride :)
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