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Here's this week's schedule

Tue 6am core class, 7am core class, 6:30pm bike workout rollout from Univ/Edith to do Elena to Altamont Repeats.

8-12 min 1.88 mile climb that will caress the legs and warm the soul! We are looking a 3-6 efforts with a hard stop at 7:35pm at the base of Elena/Purissima.

Wed 7am core class, 6:30pm core class

Thu 7am core class, 6:30pm on the bike rollout from Univ/Edith for Manuella Madness! These will be 3-5 min efforts working on VO2 max efforts. We will have a hard stop at 7:35pm meeting at Manuella/Fremont to roll back to the cars.
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