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Interesting ride today

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January 12, yes nice day

Temp in the low 50s today, so I got out for 29+ miles this afternoon. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer so I think I will try to get in a long ride day. Interesting ride today, on my return ride I started to see police cars at all of the intersection then 2 helicopters started buzzing overhead, one police one TV channel, then police cars were driving up and down the bike trail. I stopped at the county softball complex to see what was going on and was informed that someone was in the area with an assault rifle. Don't know if that was true but there sure was a lot of police activity in the area. Rode on home and didn't get shot.

0 Gopher Tortoises today
5 Sandhill cranes
0 Deer

29..29 (s)miles today
151.35 (s)miles this month
151.35 (s)miles this year
5 ride day(s) this month (Jan.)
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i wish i can do the same .... winter time with a lot of swon here in quebec i'll be back on the road as soon as the snow will gone this spring ... can't whait .... for the moment doing indoor training ... i supposed to go to cuba in march with my father and we caried the bikes with us !!!!
Thrilled to hear you rode safely.

Thats great you got out. When it hit the mid fiftys I was headd home to ride. Received a call from my bride before I arrived that caused a delay in my arrival back at home. Another day of the elipctial. Beyond boring. Riding tomorrow for sure!
I don't think that it was a big deal after all, it didn't make the 6 o'clock news.
I don't think that it was a big deal after all, it didn't make the 6 o'clock news.
If they shoot a cyclist, won't happen. It's when they shoot little old ladies or cops that it gets coverage.
and yes, Necromuter strikes again! :p
just someone walking around with a rifle causes that mess? where did that happen? must be a non-gun state
Hate to resurrect a zombie thread .... but it sounds like Florida.

I have heard it said that nothing good comes from Florida except episodes of Cops and contestants on Maury Povich. Guys randomly firing off rifles in suburbia fits right in.

I used to do a ton of road riding in the Greater Orlando area and some trail riding .... never seen a deer, have seen a tortoise and a gator, and a lot of cranes and egrets. I have seen cranes foraging in a neighborhood, just walking around on the side of the road while cars whizzed by (and bikes trundled by.) No clue what they think of urban sprawl.

Deer would be cool.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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